Audio Transformers

New for 2011!!!

TRX can now supply chassis and cabs to your specification. Working with local specialist manufacturers we are pleased to announce we can offer the amp builder the three hardest components to source - transformers, chassis and cabs all from one supplier!


TRX Electronics manufactures audio transformers for both solid state and valve amplifiers.

Our staff have over 150 years of combined experience assembling transformers to meet the most critical requirements, and we appreciate a consistent build quality in the transformer is required to maintain the amplifiers performance.



Solid State Amplifier Transformers

For solid state applications, we can manufacture both laminated and toroidal mains transformers to your requirements.

Laminated transformers are more suited to automated production methods, and offer cost savings with larger batch quantities. They can be supplied as chassis mounting, with frames, clamps or shrouds, or as drop through mounting using the lamination corner holes. Terminations can be flexible flying leads or tags on the bobbin cheeks. Flex leads can be terminated with crimps/connectors of your choice.

Toroidal transformers are often preferred for size and weight considerations, as well as a reduced stray field. Mounting methods include steel washers, or resin filled centre, with clearance hole or tapped bush. Flexible flying leads are the most common termination method, although sleeved winding wire does offer a cost saving. As with the laminated range, leads can be terminated to your requirements.

Valve Amplifier Transformers

We manufacture audio transformers for both HiFi and guitar amplifiers. Whilst these two products produce vastly different sounds, the transformers for both are crucial to that sound.

For HiFi the mains should provide a stable clean supply, and the output should offer the widest flattest response where as for guitar amps the HT can droop at full power, and the output transformer should offer a response close to that of the guitar itself.

The valve amp may seem old fashioned in today's world of CD, MP3 and iPod, until you realise these digital formats are just a convenient way of storing music originally created by a guitarist and his valve amp. From Jimmy Hendrix to Coldplay, Killers to Led Zeppelin, Elbow to Pink Floyd, the sounds we experience are created with valve amps.


When you think of guitar amplifiers, one name stands out from the crowd. Marshall Amplification have been building amps since the early 60's, and we are justifiably proud of meeting their exacting standards, and manufacturing the Dagnall Transformers® that are an intrinsic part of the Marshall sound.

Our own experienced manufacturing team are supported by 29byONE, an independent design company in the UK with 20 years of experience and very close links to the Marshall Amplification engineering dept. This combination of technical skills and knowledge leads to a very successful relationship which benefits all concerned.


However we are equally happy working with much smaller companies, and we supply batches of 5 or 10 parts to a number of companies who may only produce a handful of amplifiers a month. These companies receive the same level of attention as all our other customers, in some cases more so, as they develop their first products. Whatever your requirement, TRX are here to meet your needs.

One final note, please do not ask us to supply, or copy, a transformer we supply to Marshall or any of our other customers. All of our audio designs are confidential, and we can only work so closely with our customers by maintaining a high level of trust. When you consider we are often aware of new products being designed 6 or 12 months before they are publicly announced, you can appreciate why this trust is such an important part of our working relationships.



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